All About Jazz review.

Here’s what Eyal Haruveni had to say about our gig at the Music Unlimited festival in Wels. ” The album’s front sleeve promises a sonic spectacle including “the room shaking with demonic orchestras, the snatches of fearful sleep, the voices outside the window.” The group delivered an infectious, demonic set charged with wild, hypnotic rock energy and clever improvisations with rapid… Read more →

North Sea Jazz.

We had a very interesting time at the annual North Sea Jazz-festival. Suffice to say it was huge! With one million bands of different jazz related genres, some excellent, some predictable and some bombastic. Our venue, the Volga-hall is in its normal state a meeting space for congresses and whatnot. However low the ceiling was, the North Sea crew managed… Read more →

Some impressions from Cerkno Jazz Festival.

Orkester Journalen :  ‘Amongst the aggressive free jazz groups Naked Wolf stood in a class of their own. Here you could find layered music black as the night –  with cacophonic outbreaks not least from the saxophonist Yedo Gibson – with melancholic folk melodies from the sordinoed trumpet of Felicity Provan that could suddenly lead to rock hard fusion jazz with… Read more →


As mentioned before we recorded our debut album in March last year.. It’s almost finished!! Stay tuned for that one!

Naked Wolf has been confirmed to play at the Cerkno jazz-festival in Late May, we will have a tour period around that time with a new vocalist Seb El Zin. That will be great, stay tuned for concerts in your area.

Lastly here’s a nice video from our gig in the Südtirol Jazzfestival in Bolzano. ‘click’


Naked Wolf played a nice gig in the Bimhuis on friday! Here’s a few impressions, audio to follow! Fotos by Chloi Kateridou Some audio: Read more →