Electric Monkey.

The sessions for our new album are in the bag. It was really a pleasure to record in the wonderful space in the north of Amsterdam called the Electric Monkey. As we like to track most of our music live, our first task was the place ourselves in a way that we could feel each other,  but have enough of sonic separation to be able to produce a good sounding album. Kasper Frenkel knows his room well, so we found a working set-up quickly.

This is the second time that we would give the tracks to Sandor Caron to mix. Knowing his formidable skills, we wanted to supply him with material as good as possible sonically and performance-wise. Our line-up changed from the last record, namely in that our composer-singer-keyboard player Ofir Klemperer moved to the United States. He contributed in a big way to the compositions and sound design before, so we would have to dig deep to keep the music colourful as on the first album. Before finally settling to be a quintet we also had the pleasure of working with Seb El Zin, which led to one of his tunes, Pied Aerolithes ending up on the new album. All of us put our compositions on the table and the work began. The energy turned out fantastic and with some little overdubs we managed to get some real magical moments on tape.

It’s wonderful how spending a few days can bring such coherence in to seemingly very diverse material. And as a quintet we found a rawness that I really enjoy. Looking forward to mixing this stuff!

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