After a long break, we got together this summer to play a few gigs and make some plans for the future. A weekend tour of the Benelux and a trip to Portugal for the Jazz No Parque festival were just perfect to remind us of how nice it is to hang and make music together. So we’ll probably spend the fall season preparing some new projects and be back with a vengeance in 2019!

Here’s what happened. In June we started our tour with playing in one of the really happening venues in Amsterdam, De Ruimte. This is where a lot of colleagues and comrades pass by while touring. In case you live in Amsterdam, you probably know it already, but if you’re visiting, I strongly suggest you check them out. The north of Amsterdam is really happening lately, that’s very good news for people looking for some space from all the crowds on the other side of the IJ.

We had the great pleasure of having John Dikeman as a sub for Yedo. His professionality and musical prowess is impressive.

From Amsterdam we rode to Gent, one of my favourite cities. Rogé, our former label boss, is running the wonder Citadelic Summer Festival there for years. Good beers, food and mostly a warm interaction between the public and amongst the artists as well. Conversations until deep in the night with high class music to go.

One last stop on the way back was the gallery of one Chris Ripken. City Art Rotterdam is really a haven for our music. Check his wonderful sculptures as well!

Last stop this summer was the Serralves museum in Porto. We had a wonderful welcome by the staff and played a well attended show in the beautiful park around the museum. Yedo was back and fully recovered from his injury. It’s fantastic to have him playing with us again. The band is finally complete again.

I stayed for a week to play with Yedo and the local talent. We met with some wonderful players, Miguel Mira, Ulrich Mitzlaff, Pedro Santo, Pedro Melo Alves and Luis Vicente to mention a few. Improvised music is really in good hands in Portugal. It was a real pleasure and we wish all the best for the scene.




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