The mix.

For a bit more than a hundred years, people have been trying to shoe-horn three dimensional events on to a transport medium to be finally delivered from two speakers in another place. While, like printing books, this has completely changed the economics of the art in question, producing records has also become an art form of it’s own. We have so many tools in our disposal – from dynamics to reverb, from panning to harmonics. And yet the results of this kind of work will be delivered through a vibrating cone that is only capable of being in one place at a given time. So there’s compromises and work-arounds to be done if we want all the instruments to appear big and present as if they where in a room next to you. An enormous thank you to our man Sandor Caron, who not only dealt with the physical challenges, but also the social ones in this stage of the process. With all the respect to the pioneers, this record sounds GOOD!


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